She is amazing. Very kind and caring also about what she says about everyone's loved ones.

Sherri Caillouette

Kim has read me several times and is always spot on! She makes you feel at easy. She is friendly and professional! The morning my Dad passed away I messaged her because I just needed to know if he was ok, did he know we were there, could he hear us? Kim was so kind to read me right away and was honest that my Dad might not come through, because I was in the grip of grief. But he did come through loud and clear and what Kim told her was truly amazing. There was NO way Kim could know about anything that happened that morning. Yet I got clear validation that it was my Dad! I love Kim with all of my heart! She is truly amazing at what she does and I highly recommend her to everyone. 💜 Alexandria Harper

I had an amazing reading from Kim on FB live. She really captured the essence of my loved one and brought through very specific evidence and names that only my loved one would have known. I was nothing short of astounded. I highly recommend Kim, she is an excellent medium!  Shannon Gates

Kim is THE BEST Medium ... she connected with 4 to 5 people passed, friends and family, validating spot on who they were and messages ,,,,, but we already know how awesome she is ❤️ Phyllis Bruno Hatala

I have followed Kim for some time now and have seen her read many people. Recently, it turned out to be my husband's turn and the evidence from our loved one was so specific, clear, and uplifting. Kim was spot on with details about our friend, the time my husband and this person were closest, his death, and our pregnancy that we had not yet announced. She's extremely talented, and delivers clear and specific evidence. Alicia Pruner

If your looking for Honesty and Truth go no further. Kim told me things I never knew. She opened my eyes to situations I had lived through and was seeing one way that was actually a complete other way. Kim is so accurate, she leaves you in awe! I still am reeling at the information she passed on to me. Kim is simply amazing! Tami Touchett

I have been privileged to receive several readings from Kim.
Kim is extremely accurate and has brought through phenomenal evidence assuring me that she was communicating with my loved one in spirit.  Here readings have brought through healing and guidance.
I am very thankful for Kim and I highly recommend her to all.  
Nelly D, Florida


Kim is an extremely accurate, evidential medium! She has brought forward several of my family member in spirit with such detail that I had forgotten, until she reminded me of these events. She would only know through them!! She has such a great personality and amazing spirit connection, I truly feel as if I am on a phone call with my passed love one!! If you want to “Connect”, Call with Kim!! Definitely Five Stars!!!❤️❤️Cheri Baker

Kim is an absolutely phenomenal medium! The level of detail that comes up in her evidence is unbelievable and is delivered so quickly. She has a wonderful sense of humour and will absolutely put you at ease during a reading. I would highly recommend her! 💚Leona Mc Nama

Kim is simply the best!!!! She helped my girlfriend Brandi gain a little closure and perspective!!!! Thank you11
Rick Crater

Libby Auers, Ga.

Being from the South I was hesitant to contact and get a reading from Mrs. Griffin, but she made me feel right at home. I have had several readings from her, and she blows me away each and every time! She brought through my little brother who has passed on. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I really felt like he was there with us. I was so moved. I could not believe the information she got - his appearance, how he passed, what music he loved. I was truly blown away. Thank you so much, Kim! ~ ​Carrie Wilson, AL

Kim was very professional, pleasant, insightful and accurate with details during my reading. She picked up on some of my deepest secrets. She was very comforting when some of the reading became emotional for me. She delivered the reading with confidence and bit of humor. Kim connected with both my grandmother and father. I highly recommend getting a reading by Kim as you will not be disappointed by her talent. I will continue to seek Kim’s insight throughout my life. ~Robyn

In answer to your question Kim...can't make this stuff up! He brings up "zoo" and "bonding with the gorilla". Ummm, yeah. A visit to the zoo with the grandchildren the week after his death...something we had said we always wanted to do with them. "We" did evidently. You have an unbelievable gift. It brings me peace to know he is ALWAYS with me. ALWAYS! Amazing!

I’m pretty picky when it comes to people, and I'm quite private. I must say that Kim has such a natural psychic and mediumistic ability. It seemed effortless for her as she tapped into my energy and then brought through my mom and grandfather. Surprisingly enough, I was very relaxed and comfortable with her! The detailed information and impressions she received and conveyed to me left no doubt that my loved ones were in the room! If you are seeking a quality, heartfelt reading with honesty, integrity and evidence, I strongly urge you to look no further. ~ Drew, NJ

There are a few people who will touch your heart in this world and Kim is one of them. She has such an incredible gift and offers accurate and detailed information during a reading. She brings forward many details that validate the presence of a loved one that has passed from this world. Kim has done a number of readings for me, both in person and on the phone, and I have been totally amazed each and every time! ~ Rose, NJ

I have had the extreme pleasure of attending two workshops with Kim. Exchanging readings during a developmental exercise, I can attest that Kim is compassionate, caring and accurate in the delivery of her messages. Her desire to be of service to Spirit is apparent, and I do highly recommend her services. ~ Shelly Wilson, OK

Thank you for my very uplifting and accurate reading today! You confirmed and validated so many things for me! You are amazing! ~ Pam

Thank you so much for my amazing reading this morning, and thank you for sharing your gift. It is so special. I am grateful. ~ Nana

Kim has given me comfort, validation and a sense of well-being with her readings. She touches the one she reads for with a knowing that brings evidence of spiritual guidance. I highly recommend a reading with her if there is anything you are concerned about, living through or just want insight. AAA+ Kim!! ~ Chris

Your reading was spot on today! Names I didn't understand made sense to my sister. I'm in awe of everything you knew about my son, right down to his cigarette brand. Absolutely amazing! I don't know how to thank you enough. Tonight I received several signs, which had stopped. I believe you let Nick know that those signs mean so much to me. Nick loved people & he loved life. Thank you so much for bringing him back to me. xxx  Gail Anoe

I had an amazing reading last night with Kim & 2 other mediums. All were spot on. Cam HAD to be with us. The evidential information was amazing (no, people,she could not have gotten it from FB or Google). The messages were so specific that I have NO DOUBT that they came from Cam. Down to not being able to change places with him & to stop thinking about it and talking about a turn signal that was in question in court case. Amazing, Ladies.... that's all I can say. ~Pam Bird~

I've known Kim for a few years and have had several excellent readings from her. She is the only medium who ever brought my mother through clearly. She is very honest, straightforward and funny, and readings from her are a joy. I've had many readings from many mediums, and Kim has to be right up there in the top 3.!! ~ Mary Munro, Scotland