​​Once we have opened the door to our abilities to connect with spirit, it can be a little overwhelming and confusing.  We have many questions and it is comforting to have someone there to support our journey.

Kim is now offering a one on one private mentorship program that will be designed to help you achieve your highest potential and to build your mediumship skills.  If interested, there will be an evaluation to discuss your personal needs as far as your mediumistic unfoldment and personal attention to those areas

you feel need to be focused in on will be provided.  Mediumship exercises, study ideas and reading material outside the mentorship will be suggested.  This program is for people that have recognized their mediumship abilities and that have already know how to establish a connection to spirit.

Payment is required AFTER the 15 minute/ half hour session that is set up to determine your goals.

What to Expect:

  • How to blend and merge with spirit
  • Understanding the Mechanics of Mediumship
  • How to discern between psychic and a mediumship connection
  • What is the evidence
  • Understanding the communication between spirit and reader
  • Controlling the flow of the information
  • Becoming a more confident reader
  • Understanding references and symbols
  • Different techniques to use to get more detailed information

Mentoring Plan Includes:

  • An initial half hour session to determine your goals
  • 5 one hour one on one sessions via zoom
  • Private Facebook page

Mentoring Plan Fees:  $350.00

Kim Griffin is a talented tutor. She is honest, straight forward, kind, and intuitive as to the student’s need. I commissioned Kim a little over a year ago when I felt completely stuck in my mediumship. Through her nonsensical approach I was able to pick up where I had felt stuck and move forward through the muck of my own insecurities. The mark of a good tutor is not one that creates clones of herself, but one that allows the uniqueness of the one she is working to break through doubt, fear and uncertainty. She was the correct voice and the exact right time.  Jenn Shepherd ~ Lake Erie, PA

No refunds - All Sales are Final

*All  sales are final

The cost is $350. and if you wish you may pay in 2 installments of $175.  Payments are due in full by Jan. 9, 2024.


 I would recommend Kim any time if you are looking to learn mediumship, brush up on your skills or just try be that out of the norm or robotic-like medium( no offense to any other mediums out their). Kim helps you understand that no two mediums are alike. What may work for you may not work for me and she helps you see that this is okay and it doesn't make you lesa of a medium. Kim also had away of helping you give each reading your all, she teaches you how to lay it all out there and not fear the Nos...she has a way of making how you learn to do readings so comfortable and effortlessly. Im so glad to have met hear and mentored under her, and I truly can say that the tools she's taught me have sky rocketed the accuracy in my readings in such as short period of time.. if you want to learn how to truly empty the tank as she so fearlessly puts it I highly suggest you look into learning from her.  Christine Little  MD

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Kim in one of her mediumship mentorship classes. I heard a lot about her so I was so happy to be able to work with her. Kim has a very down to earth style of teaching and always tells it like it is. She was a great supporter and answered all my questions with patience and guidance. I learned so much in just a few weeks time.      I feel my mediumship practice got just the boost I needed with Kim’s guidance. I highly recommend anyone studying mediumship to take one of her classes you will be glad you did! Gina R.  June 2019


Kim is an amazing medium and mentor. She is extremely knowledgeable, has amazing tips guidance and experience. Her teaching style is authentic!! If you are looking for someone to support you, encourage you to be the best version of you, she is your gal!
She takes the time to answer any and all questions. I highly recommend Kim’s classes and thank you for all you do! Jenny Duncan - Canada

Attending this mediumship class is one of the best gifts I have given myself. Kim mixes a variety of tools, teachings and personal experience with a unique practice style that naturally guides you towards the seamless unfoldment of your own abilities. Her approach is grounded. The environment is comfortable and fun, all while impressing the need for maintaining a high standard of integrity and healing. This class was so good for me. Thank you, Kim, for this class as well as for your ongoing support in your pop up classes, Q&A sessions and your mediumship dems!  ~Jacquie Cogliano NC/NJ 2022


Email:  kimmie392002@yahoo.com


Not only is Kim an AMAZING medium but an AMAZING mentor as well. She brings along with her teachings a large dose of warmth, humor, and sincerity.  She takes a personal interest in each and every one of her students. She has empowered me to have the strength and confidence to pursue my mediumship journey. It has been an honor to have had her as my mentor.

Maggie Jablon   Florida

It has been an honour to have recently mentored with Kim. Her depth of knowledge of Spirit and the mechanics of Mediumship was great. The commitment and dedication to Spirit was obvious, and Kim brought a level of Spirituality that I had not felt before. I am very grateful for the learning that I gave received through my mentorship. Lorraine Appleyard ~Canada

Kim is a true gift to people learning mediumship. She has such a great sense of humor which puts you at ease, and feeling comfortable is so important when learning! Her insight is very helpful. I appreciated her encouragement to be myself and not to try to be like any other medium. Kim is a spectacular medium and an excellent teacher. Her years working in the field and her expertise are clear from day one. I will be taking classes from her again for sure.  `Kathy Halloway 2022

I highly recommend spending time with Kim and her style of teaching. It helps you find your own style with guidance using your own talents and gifts. Penny Chester- Reilly, Florida

Kim Griffin is one of the most evidential mediums I have seen work, which is why I was drawn to learn under her. She’s been my mediumship mentor for six months and counting. Our sessions are one-to-one and each time she pushes me a little further out of my comfort-zone so I’m consistently stretching and strengthening my ability to serve the spirit world. Her style is down to earth, positive and she always encourages my own unique style of mediumship, not cookie-cutter versions of her or any other medium. She's wonderful!
Carolyn Wood - Maryland

Kim is a fabulous medium and teacher! She has a unique style that I totally resonated with!! She is extremely knowledgeable and has wonderful stories that help a medium feel comfortable!! I love taking her classes and watching her demonstrations. Kim is the “Real Deal ~ Sherri Robin NJ 2022

Kim Griffin is not only an incredibly talented medium and psychic, but an absolutely inspiring and empowering mentor and teacher. She is fun, non-judgmental and believes in every one she teaches. Each class is unique and blends instruction with practice so you are constantly adding skills to provide more meaningful evidence and powerful messages. For those who are newer to the field, her introductory mediumship development course is excellent. Each class builds on the next, laying the foundation of mediumship while helping you to discover your own individual style and forms of communication. Kim pushes you to do things you never imagined possible and her passion for mediumship has changed my life forever. If you have found yourself wanting to know more about Kim and her mediumship development classes, trust that you have been led to her for a reason and sign up. I am so grateful I did. Annika Matos Florida

Kim is an amazing medium and mentor. I've attended her Platform Workshop and also enrolled in her 7 week Mentorship Program and have gained so much from them. As a mentor, she first assessed where I am in my development and tailored the entire program to my personal needs. Every session we had was exciting and she always pushed me to reach a new level in my abilities. She's such an encouraging teacher with so much knowledge to share! If you are looking for a wise, compassionate and reputable medium to guide you through your mediumship journey, Kim is the one to reach out to! I highly recommend her mentorship program to all developing mediums. "
[Azrael Paquet] ~California

I had the pleasure of taking a 6 week gallery class with Kim.  She provided a safe place to learn and practice, and was always very encouraging and supportive. Kim has a wealth of experience and teaches her students a variety of techniques to get detailed information during readings.  She is generous with her time and knowledge. I highly recommend her as a teacher! ~ Tina Tabbut 2022

​​Kim, I want to say thank you so much for all your dedication and understanding to help me out on my mediumship journey throughout your mentorship program. You’ve helped me take a massive step forward and I will always be grateful. I gained confidence within myself and the information I receive. I’m confident and ecstatic about blending my energy with spirit now and it’s a beautiful experience, one I will have forever. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the mentorship program, but I felt drawn to do it. The information is phenomenal and you’re extremely humble. I loved the fact I was supported the whole way, all I had to do was show up and try. Along with learning, this has been a wonderful networking experience and I’ve met some fantastic people. I would highly recommend this to anyone of any level, it’s well worth the money and pushes your limits to help you grow and develop. Thank you again Kim.  Mykal Booth - Australia

Kim Griffin is an amazing medium and mentor. I met Kim back in 2014, it had been 8 years since my little brother had passed and 7 since my sister. Her communication with them helped bring comfort to my family and I. We knew based on the detailed information Kim gave us that they were more than just OK... that they were with us and continuing on in the Spirit World. Over the years I have had numerous Psychic and Mediumship readings from Kim. She has been so on point with the information she has given me! At some point along the way she saw something in me that nobody else saw. I began to work with her and she began to guide me through my Mediumship. She has a wealth of knowledge from her many years of studying and doing this work. She has been an infallible resource for me. She is open, upfront, and honest. Kim has something that a lot of people do not have these days and that is heart. She does this work for the right reasons; to help others and to be a conduit for Spirit. She is compassionate, takes pride in her work, and has a passion like nobody else I have ever met. I send everyone I meet that is looking for a Mediumship Mentor / Mediumship development to her. Don't take my word for it. Book a session with her and see for yourself, then you will be the one writing a testimonial.  ~Carrie Wilson ~Alabama

I had the opportunity to see Kim do a mediumship demonstration and immediately jumped at the chance to take her class when it was offered. Kim is a wonderful mentor and teacher that has helped to push me out of my comfort zone, as well as out of my own way and 'head'. She has so many helpful tools and tips that she's garnered over her years of experience as an excellent Psychic Medium that you can utilize. I always looked forward to attending her classes because it felt like a family because of how supportive Kim and my classmates were. If you need help or guidance on your mediumship development, I definitely recommend Kim. She has so much wisdom to share, is down to earth and has an amazing sense of humor which made me so relaxed and less tense which is very essential to do when linking. I look forward to taking more classes with her in the future." Cherisse Catlin   North Carolina

I have had the privilege of being one of Kim Griffin’s students.  Kim is an excellent mentor.  I have taken classes from many different instructors but I have to say, Kim is my favorite.  Kim teaches mechanics so her students understand how we are working as mediums.  She also gives methods which allow us to explore and experiment so we are able to find what works for us.   There is no right or wrong way but Kim helps us find the way that works for her students.  She takes the time to get to know her students and develop trust and understanding which I think is vital between mentors and students.  I have valued the knowledge and experience I have gained working with Kim.  I can not recommend her enough. ~ Deana Verdin

South Carolina

​​​​​​ It is fundamentally important to realize that there is no "one size fits all' to mediumship that every medium works differently.  In these classes you will gain a better understanding of the language of spirit  and the interpretations of what you are receiving.  My teaching approach is to empower each student so they may find their own path to the language of spirit.  A development class should be a safe and welcoming environment that fosters growth and expansion.  I am a firm believer in growth by stepping out of comfort zones.  I guide and ease my students into growth by taking fear out of the equation. When you are ready for your unfoldment, know who your teacher is, seeing how they work and knowing that they are coming from a place of integrity.   What I teach is evidential mediumship which means giving the evidence of who the communicator is by gaining a strong connection to spirit and communicating their personality/emotions/ psychical  descriptions/ occupations/ shared memories/ dates/ name etc. etc.  In the class we practice mediumship only, meaning we are not doing psychic work.  Mediumship and psychic are 2 different modalities, where mediumship is spirit communication and psychic work is all about the living person (past, present and future possibilities).  You will also come to an understanding that mediumship should always be used as healing modality, aiding others in their grief and allowing them to leave you a little lighter than when they first came to you.  I look forward to working with you!  With much peace, Kim

​​​​​ Private Mentorship, Workshops and Group Classes

I acknowledge the importance of choosing the right mentor for mediumship however, this posed a difficulty for me given my location with no nearby circles to join. Given my dilemma, I sent out a request to Spirit asking them to guide me toward a mentor.  As I scrolled the Internet I found many mediums offering their service as mentors.  At this point I said to spirit okay I really need a sign now. Within a minute I saw the name: Kim Griffin and my whole body tingled.  Given that my name is Rachel Griffin I just know spirit brought me to the right person.  After spending 7 weeks with Kim I am just amazed by how much she knows and how down-to-earth she truly is, not to mention her great sense of humour. Kim is a wonderful teacher, kind and considerate in her dealings with me while at the same time she has pushed me to new heights. Thank you spirit from given me this chance to work with Kim, I am truly blessed. Thank you, Kim, for allowing me to unfold in a safe and loving place.  I am so looking forward to our classes in January 2020. 


With Love

Rachel Griffin - Ireland

I took Kim's mediumship mentorship program recently. Kim is a very gifted, knowledgeable and passionate teacher. She offers a lot of structure and direction in the way she teaches mediumship. She doesn't only focus on the evidential part of mediumship, but also the emotional feelings behind a symbol. As she puts it "the meat and potatoes" of a reading. She pushed me out of my "comfort zone" without overwhelming me. She has a great sense of humor which I loved and which made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend Kim to anyone who would like to take a course with her. Thank you Kim.~ Monique Gagnon~ Canada

Kim has an extraordinary Teaching style that allows you too think outside of the box and improve and embrace your mediumship abilities. She is honest, open and very positive. I will be taking more sessions with Kim as I continue too develop. Thank you Kim ❤️ Allie


After discovering the debilitating emotions and inexplicable depression I had endured for forty years of my life had been caused by suppressed abilities and criticized empathetic ways, Kim was able to firmly take my hand and lead me out of the darkness to show me not to fear what was Divinely given. By sharing her OWN personal experiences, explaining these once foreign thought patterns to me in a truthful and understanding way, quickly, I realized I was not alone on this journey. I might add, what a beautiful journey it has been. I didn’t want our weekly classes to end! I learned to gain self confidence (which had once obliterated over time), to expand on the audio, visual and sentient messages (clairs) which were bombarding me at various times of the day(and night!), she gave me exercises to do in between classes to build my confidence and maintain connection not to mention, excellent sources to read and study. I learned MORE in Kim’s amazing one on one sessions than I did in the four years I was partaking in another classroom-like setting. Kim synchronystically came into my development at the most crucial time to boost my confidence, grow my abilities and release my fear to start me on a healing journey to truly help others. I can’t thank her enough for sharing HER gifts, talents and non-stop fear bashing knowledge to break the chains and let a light spreading journey commence. She’s caring, experienced and gives Spirit and student the respect they so deserve. I see many candles being lit, thanks to the beauty of Kim’s teaching.
I can’t recommend enough. Enjoy your unfoldment with her. It’s a treasure to be embraced.

Jennifer Van Varick~New Jersey


In this workshop, the concentration will be on platform mediumship or as some may call it, Gallery style mediumship readings/public group readings.  You will understand how to organize and conduct a demonstration. It will give you insight to matters that you may not considered before.  This workshop is the most popular of the classes Kim offers.  The workshop will also include the following:

*Private Facebook group where all the material for class will be posted.

* All sessions will be recorded and posted on the private FB page.

*Each participant will receive a free 15-20 consultation to discuss your goals and details of the class.

* The sessions will run for 12 consecutive Wednesdays which each session being 2 hours.